This site is intended for kids and teenagers of any age, up to 18. If you need help with a specific problem, or if you're just looking for general information on issues that affect you, the guided tour above will highlight the most important areas of the site - just follow the arrows.

We're always here when you need to talk to somebody, and we do our best to listen and support you in making your own decisions. This is your service, and a place where you can feel safe and comfortable.

You don't have to register to get in touch with us, and you don't even have to provide your real name to seek help and advice. However, please do feel free to register and become a member.



Telephone Helpline

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Free Post Service

Childline Freepost
Box CY 1400

Launched 1st April 1998. A Freepost service for children without access to a telephone, or the money for a stamp. Another first for Zimbabwe.

Online Counselling


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31 Frank Johnson Avenue
Tel-Fax: +263-4-796741 -793715 -252000
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